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color matching

patch work
tape & texture
texture matching
drywall installation

Removal of Trees
Trim trees and shrubs
Cut and trim or reseed existing grass
Fertilize existing lawns, trees, and shrubs (but not install an automated fertilizer system)
Repair/replace existing screw-on type sprinkler heads and risers

removal of trash
removal of furniture
dumping services

Repair or replace garbage disposals
Unclog sewer and drain lines
Clean grease traps
Repair soft plumbed/soft wired ice machines

Remove, clean, and replace existing air filters
Clean existing a/c ducts
Chimney sweeping
Fireplace cleaning
Repair and replace filters on swamp coolers Electrical -
Remove and replace existing fuses in an existing fuse box
Replace existing light bulbs including florescent bulbs, but not ballast

Acid wash existing pool and spa plaster
Clean or replace pool cleaning filters
Replace the light bulb in an existing swimming pool light
Add chemicals to balance the swimming pool water chemistry
Clean an existing pool ( remove dirt, leaves, and debris)

Replace removable letters on existing signs, these are letters that either slide into an existing track on the sign face or are the peg board that typically use the plastic letters to advertise meeting rooms or menus

Remove and replace existing door locks
Install window coverings, i.e. blinds, shades, and drapes This does not include awnings
Clean tile grout
Steam cleaning concrete to remove stains
Pressure washing (using water only)
Window washing
House cleaning including carpets, drapes, and blinds

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